TANRI, Not Allah in Turkic Culture

TANRI, Not Allah in Turkic Culture

Image: Tanri Mountains/Khan Tengri Mountains on Flickr. CCO

You must be heard of a bit about human history… You know Neanderthals, then Homo Sapiens… Tribes, then geographic and language based groups etc.

Turks are one of the oldest one in this. 5000 to 8000 years old history we are talking about. While some people praying to sun (which is understandable), some to cows/bulls, some to little statues that they created themselves.. Turks were looking to the deep sky and praying to a Sky God: TANRI.

So when you want to be sympathetic and using the name Allah, it means you are praising to Arabic culture, not Turkic culture.

Actually Allah was one of the little sculpture (put) in KAABA (KABE), that Arabs praying to, and name is Allah.

Look at the coincidence that in Muhammed’s book, god’s name is Allah too. Must be a coincidence.

Until the right wing’s persistent election success and lastly directly to the Islamist long win, and effect on the Turkish culture, Turks were using the name TANRI generally. Only low educated, lower class were using the name Allah. But in the last years, you can see of course majority of the culture is using it too, because they want to be harmonic with the persistent system.

But whoever using it, it means they’re obeying the current rules (those who were obeying Hitler, same to me). Who still are not using it, they are the rebels. And not accepting obey to the Firavun/Pharaoh (the figure Muslims’ most hated, worst identity in their story-line).

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Nil Taskin

P.S: I respect, value and praise every good elements in every culture. I don’t believe in language, geographic grouping –a globalist– so I’m not talking here as a nationalist or something.