What I Appreciate And Pray..

What I Appreciate And Pray..

Image: Pixabay/@Alexas_Fotos. CCO

Everybody have something to appreciate and even pray…

All winter past with no flu or bad colds, but seems my luck has run out. Friday night I was out with a thin dress and yesterday also didn’t cared the weather and went out a bit improper clothing… and today I am in terrible fever and muscle pains. Just took my second Aspirin with a big appreciation and prays to founder. Besides than vitamins I don’t use any medicine easily, but a few times a year Aspirin and always works for me perfectly.

And telling this to you about, what I appreciate and pray.. to soul of those human kinds, who worked for making our lives better.. not any crazy religious people who didn’t do anything besides than creating big chaos and left the world with suffering people.

Nil Taskin

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