Read in the Name of Your Lord

Read in the Name of Your Lord

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The very first word of the Quran revealed to the Prophet was READ (Read In the name of your Lord and Cherisher, Who created… – 96:1)

It was the first command in Islam. Every man should read. Before ordaining prayers and fasting, before giving details of the creed and the law to be revealed, God said “READ!”

The Quran is the only holy book that opens with this word and command. It is a great honor to knowledge and to the learned that the first word in Islam should be a command to read and acquire knowledge. The verse specifies the kind of knowledge to be acquired initially: READ

Actually in Quran, there are many more verses are directing people to knowledge and science.

I wish Muslims could get more serious or get with different meaning to this first word and read more…

80% of Japanese are Atheist and they read a lot… They have some social and youth issues in Japan too, but at least they’re following or better to say they’re one of the leaders of the modern world.

As long as Muslims keep continue to deny their problems with science and technique etc. they will not able to catch modern world unfortunately.

* * *

Every time when I see a starving African children shared on Social Medias, Muslims starting to say how grateful they are for their own situations, holding their children etc.

This is unfortunately is the lowest level of moral. When ordinary Muslims start to QUESTIONING about this much poverty and find the logical, real reasons and start to find solves, in that time we will start to raise in humanity too!

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Nil Taskin