Love, Divorce, Depression & More…

(Image: CCO)

Very early hours I saw on papers a negative news today, didn’t want to talk about actually, even not like to see negative news myself but same time, there is a message in it.. I need to talk. Some people may feel bad for themselves also same as that lady.

A quite successful female doctor in her early 50’s, with 2 children, separated from her husband last year, and yesterday she committed suicide and left this world. Seems like she was more successful than her husband actually. I felt pity for her, not for divorce but if she could imagine this world staying alone, she could manage to live happily after divorce too… Last year I read another bad news similar to this, a female eye doctor, she’s very anxious about what if her husband divorce her, and she is losing her mental health because of this thoughts… then they are really divorcing and their son is giving to father.

In this world and in our lives, we may have some really bad experiences… Death, missing persons, life threatening illnesses, losing job and divorce are some of them. Yes, divorce and even anxiety of potential divorce is causing very dangerous physiological effects on some people.

I am, myself had this divorce experience… yes definitely a bad life experience but same time, think about it, who want to live with someone without love… it’s a disaster feeling to sharing a home with someone like a stranger to you… Life is beautiful… and not meant to be with someone else…

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Yes for sure, love is a beautiful, therapeutic, restorative feeling but not the only feeling in the world! Love, especially a marriage (most of them has not any/much love in it as we know very well, but only for social status!) cannot be only reason to give meaning to our lives… and please forget that social pressure you’re feeling it, who cares other people, not me!

I respect everybody’s decision, leaving this world early is a decision… but if you are leaving behind children, siblings, parents etc. they will be sad for life time… Don’t identify yourself with someone else’s presence, either a husband/wife or even your children. Prepare a life for yourself only! If some period of times you are sharing your life with someone loved, good for you but same time be ready to live alone too…

I am happy even without seeing much love around me (I can eliminate fake love, love for something that they think you have, lust etc). We have to stay strong if we want to live happily.

Nil Taskin