Creating Human Lives

Creating Human Lives

Image: Pixabay/@Pexels. CCO

Why majority of people having children without giving serious thoughts about it?

Small percentage of people creating human lives with some hope I assume, yes big percentage don’t know anything about and don’t care who they’re creating with or for what reason etc. But at least some of them must be.. I wonder, what was Bruce Jenner‘s mother’s hopes for her son… once she was complaining about Kris (wife of Bruce)… Now I saw the news that Kylie Jenner (age 17) pregnant from a rapper. and her father just found or lost his sexual identity at this age (age 66)… what a disaster family.. yes we are human and mistakes for all of us, but come on.. isn’t this too much.. aren’t they look alike circus, sure why they have a own Tv show then..

I am sure those next generations of this family will be great human examples for our earth too, like previous ones.

Nil Taskin

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