Stop Identifying Yourself with Your Religion

Stop Identifying Yourself with Your Religion

Image: Pexels/@Jonathan Meyer. CCO

Stop identifying yourself with your religion then I’ll feel for you too, until then you’re transparent for me sorry. Both Muslims and Jews are acting same, crying babies all the time. Christians are generally more modest on this issue.

Other day I mourned for the civil humans, for intellectuals who shot to death.. not because they’re from west, nor because they’re white or non-Muslim etc.

Whenever try to learn to identify yourself without religion as a human, I will feel for you too someday.. sorry but I can’t associate myself with any of you either Muslims or Jews.. all of you too fanatic. or some nationalists. I see how all of you reacting. My some Jewish and Muslim friends are acting right now EXACTLY SIMILAR! Nobody care about your religion, grow up already!

If you’re coming from a 100% Jewish village so what, if you’re Muslim so what? I don’t have to see your religious part, I am religion free and I really don’t see that part, transparent for me.

Nil Taskin

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