Desperate Women and Men for Love

Desperate Women and Men for Love

Image: Pexels/@Ylanite Koppens. CCO

One of my friends shared a news about, a lady talking about how she converted to Islam… “I’m a feminist, and I converted to Islam” a Christian lady of course…

First of all lady, you’re not a feminist, not any feminist can convert to Islam… you’re just an ignorant female with quite low self esteem, like all others who did the same thing like you… one in a million, some Christian ladies converting to Islam, you know WHY?

They’re thinking that they can get marry easily.. and yes they do. When they lost hope for their own culture and men, sometimes at very early age without meeting any guy in their life, a Muslim guy’s interest getting their attention and affecting them or as I said when they lost their hope, they’re converting to Islam and getting married!! That’s the one and only REASON.. so stop talking about other false crap! losers…

Those women the type who would marry any type of man just so that she could have a man. There’s nothing sadder than a man-desperate woman. Thank goodness women have made so many strides forward in the last century despite the fools like this woman who are determined to not only hinder their progress but push them back two centuries or more.

Nil Taskin

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