Happy Holidays to All Singles in New York City

Happy Holidays to All Singles in New York City

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Are you single during the Holidays in New York City?

Ah, the holidays. The perfect time of year to be with the one you love the most…

If you are unmarried, divorced, widowed or simply apart from friends and family this holiday season, no need to worry.

Dating in NYC is different than anywhere else in the country and even in other major metropolitan cities around the world. This is a subject for another article.

This story won’t help you get actual dates; you’ll have to rely on things like “charm” for that. But what it will help you get is some perspective — because dating in NYC isn’t like dating anywhere else in the country. So if you’re struggling, just know it isn’t you. It’s NYC.

Every year I have been witnessing from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve… How they are acting, some singles of New York City… They feel lonely and looking for a date for the Holiday Season! This is not my today’s subject but, ’cause looking for a temporarily family can’t help you, you have to invest longer time and more things to have one…

I am talking to those singles who feel a bit sad maybe during the holiday season… No need to! Believe me, for sure there are some real picture perfect happy families but not all are.. don’t believe every picture perfect happy family photos you are seeing.. not going to talk more on this but just remember, sometimes behind them a real sacrifices and some renunciations.. just to have that photo!

As we already know married couples are no longer a majority population in the USA according to census. Married couples represented just 48 percent of American households by 2010.

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New York state has the highest percentage of women who have never married in all of America. Never-married ladies make up 41.7 percent of the population in New York City. While the percentage statewide is 34.8 percent.

However, know that 46.7 percent of New York City men have never been married too. So, it’s actually rather even-sided. In fact, more men than women have never been married.

Short for long, accept the reality of the new century and be happy, you are not the only one!

Whoever read this, I wish all of you Happy Holidays and a wonderful Happy New Year…

Nil Taskin