Better Understanding and Building Empathy

Better Understanding and Building Empathy

Image: Pixabay/@Wokingham Libraries. CCO

Reading about only business and history is not enough for better understanding and building empathy. You must read novels, stories and poems too. Must watch some movies that talking about other lives. And whenever find a chance, listen other people’s real stories…

Other way, we’re suffering from your insensibility, non-empathetic behaviors and rudeness.

I have a strong personality, moderate patience and a real good emphatic ability so I know why you’re acting like this or that… but sometimes some people if come a few of them at the same time, really pushing my limits; those moody people and disrespectful types.

I’m not the reason for your life’s stress or unhappiness and negative feelings. While clearly you’re luckier than me for “how life threatening us”; still waiting somethings from me!? Looks not fair to me. You have to show me “sympathy and care” if possible and whatever the meanings… I’m not talking about here daily life struggles so people starting to think that everything is fine.. Nope, not always.. but I don’t like to give people pessimist energy and negative motivation, that’s all.

And you have to be additionally happy actually that I’m not asking from you anything, not even your friendship.. so what’s that weird behaviors?! and yes I haven’t time, so what…

Nil Taskin

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