My Name is NIL

My Name is NIL

One of my friends is asking about my name. Okay here you are, a short note about my name…

NIL meaning is THE NILE in Turkish/French/German

It was not much common name while I was growing up.. It was a feminine, unique, modern and fancy name and still is. I always loved my name.. my parents picked our names from nature. But when I first noticed that in English it’s using as nothing/zero too. it didn’t sound much feminine but I took as my existentialist side and thought oh it’s cool 🙂

It’s common in Scandinavian Countries, sure with different meanings (Nils, Nile, Niles etc). And Europeans most of the time more aware of and detail oriented maybe, they know what it is, but for Americans it could be a bit hard to understand especially on phone.. even in my homeland on phone people giving me a hard time till I explain what it is (it’s because a one-syllable word, pronounce like Bill).. so when I first moved to NYC I start to use a nick name side by. Still come up from my name.. I was already using LIN as my nick name on some internet things when need it to use name NIL=LIN (just turned the letters) and I added 2 more letters and made it LINDA 🙂 I use Linda Nil in my professional life.

Nil Taskin

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