Happy Eid to All Who Celebrate

Happy Eid to All Who Celebrate

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All religions must reform periodically to put down obsolete practices. Time for Islam to do same. Yes, there is no hope in Islam as it is, as it was parted by it’s founder. It must reform to be a force for democracy, tolerance & human rights.

Intersectarian conflict within Islam kills many more Muslims than Jews ever do. Shouldn’t Islam reform itself as a top priority?

Need TOTAL REFORMS! and now…

If Muslims are criticized for some major violation of human rights, like beheading people in public, the typical reaction is to argue, “No, this is not the real Islam.” And so it follows that what we have in Iran is not the real Islam, what we have in Pakistan is not the real Islam, what we have in Afghanistan is not the real Islam… So what is Islam? Is there a Muslim community on earth that presents the real Islam? Muslims should realize that this method is becoming ever less convincing.

Nil Taskin

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