“Western Standards Of Science”

“Western Standards Of Science”

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When someone passed away, sometimes media using an old, sick and creepy photo of the person. I am strongly disagree with this attitude. For showing respect to passing person, we have to use best photos of the person. If a person passed away at the age of 80 for example, age of 20, 30 or 40 is still belong to that parson, you can’t think only 80 is belong to them!!

By the way that person repeatedly declared himself too and all we know very well that he doesn’t represent Turks. If they accept maybe muslims, I can’t talk about their name… so if some of his supporters feeling “ashamed” sorry for their name, but we told you lots of time and that embarrassment only belongs to you.. If you support ignorance, that’s what you get as a result… Economy can’t save you, but good to know that actually more than half of Turkish people have better values than economy!!

Western culture invented and produced everything we’re using now.. what about muslim world.. what was the last thing they invented and produced for making our lives better?

Right is right everywhere, no matter who said, an English, American, Italian or Turk… Nowadays we’re living better lives, mostly because of western scientists, researchers and discoverers… better learn to RESPECT first!

Nil Taskin

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