Better Economy and Secularism for All World

Better Economy and Secularism for All World

Image: Pixabay/@22563. CCO

Better Economy, Better and Reachable Education & Health Systems, and Secularism for all world!

Young ages are very difficult yet dangerous for almost every social level. If you can’t show a right direction to them, they will either burn in drugs, radicalize their beliefs or even join a new beliefs.

Now reading Tunisia attack.. a young engineering student a very short span of time he fell to a network of extremists and radicalized.. that’s what newspapers says.

But the most important part as along we keep continue to believe and spread the false information about religions this will continue… I know, even if there is no any religion, they will find some other reasons maybe for attacking to people “they hate” the main reason is they’re not happy with their own life! they want revenge for their unhappy life from happy people, that’s the main reason…

so while find better solve for social and economic issues, still we have to erase religions in time… cause what if we can turn to society better, what if?

Nil Taskin

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