“Everything Happens for a Reason; God has a Plan for You..”

“Everything Happens for a Reason; God has a Plan for You..”

Image: Pixabay/@Nick_H. CCO

“Everything happens for a reason; God has a plan for you..”

Every time I read or hear this quote, I simply want to scream, all of life’s truth to faces of who is posting or telling this.. No you idiots, god has no plan for you.. just because your life comparatively, averagely or perfectly going normal and good this does not mean god made this plan for you… and you’re simply an ignorant cunt just because not knowing this… you’re just a lucky bastard!

What comfort is there in such assurances? When death strikes without the rhyme or reason of coherent human agency, in the form of a tsunami or an earthquake, a flood, or lightning bolt, or falling tree, the insurance companies, godless agencies of capital though they be, describe the blow as an “act of God”. Even those who like to believe in a divinity that loves us and means us well can grasp, and take some sort of solace in, the awareness that creation is random and incomprehensible and indifferent; that—turn, turn, turn—there is a time to every purpose under heaven; that, in short, it is not personal. But it seems to go against our grain to accept that we are part of this natural order of disorder ourselves—and that the wholesale murder of innocents by someone as apparently motiveless as Lubitz (as far as we know so far) might also best be understood as an act of God.

Nil Taskin