Are There Any Chemistry Between Us?

Are There Any Chemistry Between Us?

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A beginning of a dating story in Manhattan, New York….

It was a few years ago… He wrote me:

Hi …,

Thanks for writing. I’m headed to Boston this morning for a weekend with some college friends but will write you as soon as I get back Sunday night.


and he wrote, and then called…

I was wearing a gray satin blouse instead of this black shirt that day, under this dark purple velvet jacket.. ankle boot with high heels.. New York City was freezing cold in that November day, actually it was November 21st (found the exchanged emails so how I remember the details!), we decided to meet in Nikki Beach Midtown, 151 E. 50th Street, between 3rd & Lexington… after work, around 7.30 pm.

When I came to the lounge he was already there… one of the biggest national Tv channels’ news center head producer… a good looking guy, 6-7 years older than me, tall (6’2″), full hair (only fault if it was, his hair was a bit wavy, I love strait hairs), original teeth (I don’t like covered or porcelain teeth, I can’t kiss!), blue eyes (I prefer brown, why I need to glamorize someone else’s genes), athletic and toned, never married, no children, six-figure salary, working and living in Manhattan in a new condo… welcomed me with a nice warm smile…

to be continued, when I find time or want to write about it again, I will… by the way he is still a friend and single, so do I…

Nil Taskin

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