My Mommy: Most Loving and Caring Person in The World

My Mommy: Most Loving and Caring Person in The World

My mommy, most loving person in the world… When I was happy, I always called her as “mommy” in English… and she called me “Lilly” when she is happy; and “Laila” when she is mad at me… You know Laila is a name of a girl, who is a melancholic lover of Majnun; she was trying to tell me that “where is your mind, not listening to me!”… She was always the spoiled little daughter of Mehmet, the youngest child of four. Very outgoing, talkative, cheerful, high level self-confidence, long time mother of three, and after loss of our father, a successful business-woman.

In November 1998, doctors decided for an open heart surgery, we went 3 different doctors, all said same, surgery is necessary! Last time I talked with my mother in December 2, 1998 in the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul… While we’re side by her and talking, she entered a coma in that night… and slept till the February 8, 2004, nearly 6 years.

After her coma situation, a month later her peer legendary singer Baris Manco passed away, and when she said good bye to us, another peer legendary rocker Cem Karaca passed away in the same day… They traveled together to eternity… Her story is huge, not possible to share here, maybe someday in a real book.

Nil Taskin

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