Table For Two

Table For Two

Image: Nil Taskin

Crowded, sunny but cool New York day’s evening. Turn left from usual crowd of 5th Avenue to 54th Street, on the road of Madison Avenue. On the street there is a few more restaurants and bistros. Pavillon is one of them, right across the street. Some afternoon hours, I stop by for an happy hour drink. If weather is nice and season is spring or summer, usually a joyful breeze blows above the street.

An Italian restaurant with white covered tables, as is usually preferred by me. For comfortable lunch or dinner dishes. Sometimes one or a few friends and conversation, sometimes a break after work. As it is usually restaurant is crowded in the evenings. Manhattan’s professionals of all ages, the elite of the business world, young professional groups, just starters, families… Always a nice place to watch people and have fun.

It’s obvious after a nice dinner and an espresso, a glass of chardonnay hiding behind the water glass. A shared dessert middle of the table but still haven’t finished. Conversation was not deep enough or maybe just the opposite, because of conversation couldn’t find time to eating…

A friend of mine, using his some photographs on his blog with stories or accompanied thoughts of that photo. I wanted to try for myself tonight something like that. Who knows, I may post some photographs like that from now on.

BICE New York Restaurant – 7E 54th St. New York, NY.

Nil Taskin