Freedom to Live in a Secular Society

Freedom to Live in a Secular Society

Image: Nil Taskin

This isn’t about free speech – it’s about the freedom to live in a secular society. Endlessly debating free speech will only end up in cul-de-sac.

It isn’t actually about free speech. It’s about free faith. Or, if we choose, no faith.

This is the line that needs to be drawn. Not around free speech, but around our right to have our own set of beliefs, rather than have them imposed as part of a de-facto theocracy.

This is the deal. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims. Welcome. You are free to practice your faith amongst us. But never forget this. IT IS YOUR FAITH, NOT MINE. And if you can’t accept that, then in the immortal words of the mayor of Rotterdam, you can “f––– off”.

Dan Hodges from The Telegraph talking from my mind about this Charlie Hebdo issue, let’s listen him. You can read full article here.

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