Being in Love and Loving Someone

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Falling in love is great but staying in love and keep continue to love is the issue.. and I believe in smart decisions for relationships… If you decide to be together once and teamed up well and decide to stay together in good and bad, bravo to you! Friendship is important, spending good times together is important, “life partner” is a good adjective…

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If you can fall in love with a person then you know you can just as easily fall out of love with him or her.

When you love someone, you never really stop loving that someone.

Loving a person is something that defines you. They may remove themselves, or be removed, from our lives, but they never leave our minds. Their memory, the thought of them, makes us feel strong emotion. When you love someone, you can’t stop loving that person because it would require you to stop loving a part of you yourself.

Nil Taskin

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