Powerful Image of a Dead Syrian Child Washed Up on a Beach

Powerful Image of a Dead Syrian Child Washed Up on a Beach

The tragedy sent shock waves across Turkey and beyond, as images of an infant face down on the beach spread quickly online. Within hours ‪#‎KiyiyaVuranInsanlik‬, meaning Humanity Washed Up Ashore, was the top trending hashtag world-wide on Twitter.

Image of infant face down on shore shocks Turks; migrants were trying to reach Greece

People are thinking that they want to live in the West for better economic conditions! A big no!! Kuwait, UAE or Saudi Arabia have way better median income than most of the European Countries and more than the US. So this is not about money and economic conditions.. This is about better modern civil living!

Most of them (those Syrian refuges or any other Muslim refuges) very consciously know what they want and they want to live in the Western Countries instead of any other Muslim neighbors… and some others following their instincts!

They all want to live in the civil modern societies.. The paradox here is, after they move to West, most of them still holding on to their beliefs and voting for their conservative parties!!

If you don’t want to live in a Muslim culture (yea yea they love to visit once a year like visiting Disneyland, like a kind of Muslim amusement park) Why you\re voting for conservatives for your home country?!

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Big Fishes, never care for Small Fishes!

Some power holders wanted to take Assad out.. He is still there and plus we have ISIL and thousands of dead people included babies.

Anglo civilization can’t accept 10,000 refugees (they don’t have to), when Turkey has been hosting 2,500,000 for 2.5 years now (out of our own pocket). And they still want to go to Europe, NOT Saudi Arabia for example!

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Think about again Muslims, think? It will hurt but you must do somewhere in your life… and of course you conservative voters of the world!